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Special Rose News ! Thanks and Good-bye, my Dearestand lovely cat " Rose"
In the early morning of 28th, September, 2009, my dearest and lovely cat "Rose " passed away after last fulfillment of 11and half year life. It was 11 years ago when I met her.

Our story started one day in early summer evening on my way back to my home, I meet three cute baby cats with their mammy , one of them was digging out soil around plants to catch up "earthworm for her meal .

Probably I presumed their ages to be a couple of months

In the morning of early autumn, just after a couple of months passed since our first encounter, I happened to meet up with the same three cute cats again lying side by side each other on the blankat at the corner of my home garden, probably who became separated from their mammy .

Involuntarily I gave them some milk ,Since that time our rose stroy started !

I decided to make friends with them because I thought that their cute faces could really facsinate my daily life.
Every time when I had to take care of small rose garden in my house, one of three lovely cats used to come to beside me and love to gaze at roses and me and she loved to touch roses .This is the reason why I named her "Rose".

As five years later, after our encounter, I had a chance to start my present rose work as an artist of preserved roses and so on.

I still believe in our destiny my "Rose" had brought "Shamayim Rose Gallery " for me.

She loved and prefered chicken for other cat food. So every Christmas time ,she was looking forwards to eating delicious Chiken as Chistmas present for her.
As "Rose" used to behave like a spoilt cat, whenver I came back home, she loved to sit on my knees, However she had never opened her mind to other neigbours except me for she had the very delicated mind over the past 11 years.

Especially over her last years, she had spent her days alone without playing with other cats or her brothers.

At the end of Febuary this year, she falled down to her seriouse kidney trouble . Her doctor said to me that her life will be alive a few months. Since then Rose and I started to go to thier animal hospital in every morning and evening for 7months until she passed away.

Doctors told me that she had potential vitality unpredictedly with which she dared to live.

At the early of September when she came down to coma, everyone thought to accept her destiny. Fortunately, in the light of docter's countenace and my friend rushed to bring specail juice for her . Just after one day , my lovely Rose,miraculously came out of coma and to be able to eat pleasurebly than ever. For two weeks, she could spent her daily life with me again. I belived she would be alive for more weeks just for me, Thnaks to God!

However, gradually she had lost her energy until her last night when she used her last energy to eat her food by herself without my support .In the early morning, she came to sleep for ever at the age of 11 and half years old.. With one autumn wind wailing around, I arranged one ceremony for her with fresh roses and lots of preserved roses which she loved. at Ashiya animal funeral house surrounded by beautiful mountain of a little bit faded green trees.

I really express our thanks for everone who love and support my lovely Rose and me .
Especially we greatly appreciate your kindness of every doctor and staffs at "Ciel animal hospital" and "Star animal hospital" in Ashiya .
Sep 17 ,2009
Jun 1 2009 
rose on my knees Aug 5, 2009
rose in 2006 Jul. 16 2009 in my shop
Sep  17、2009 beside Rose of Sapphire
Sep  6、 2009, in Star Animal Hospital
Sep 4 2009, in Ciel Animal Hospital
Sep28,2009 with Fresh roses in Ashiya Animal holy place
And I would like to introduce my friend's mail who really loves my Rose.

Dear Rose

You really finished it. desparatedly suffering enough.
You never suffer at last moment. Your mammy still love ROSE for ever .
I wish you sleep with serenity. Thank you for your kindness when I went her shop ,you accepted to see without any surprise.

At your Heaven, please look for your new friend.

She is very nice and kind. Her name is Mimi. You are not alone. Please enjoy your new life. Bye-bye and thank dear "Rose"

From U

Dear Rose

Thank you Rose! I don't know how happy you were since you came to my house live together. But I could say that I definately was happy sharing moments of 11 years with pretty my Rose.

You never lost your grace even while you had suffered from your sickness for 7 months without any crying.

I never forget your lovely voice "MIAOW, MIAOW" mewing to me on our way up and down to the hospitals. we enjoyed chattering and seeing every changing scene of season from Winter, Spring ,Summer to early Autumn

Lovely Rose! I remember the very moment of your enjoying and gazing flowers and my design of preserved roses beside me . I never forget our last day when we stopped by Kentucky shop to purcdase Chiken for your favorate meal.

I never forget your degnity of daring to show your real love for me, by eating the meal by yourself that I put on the last night, passing away without any lamenting over your life with serenity.

You are really great and pretty cat for me. Doctors praised for your a such a strong vitality to live for 7 months

In your heaven, I sincerely belive that you have already found your favorate blue roses like a Shamayim.

Please make friends with "Mimi"and "Anzu"chan passing away before you.

Don't worry about your brothers! for I take care of them.

Thank you and see you some day ! My lovely and dearest Rose!

Your Mammy ,Atsuko

I really appreciate your kindness of reading our story of my lovely Rose.

Before finishing writing this story , would you do me a favour?

If you will encounter stray cats and dogs by chance on your way.

I really wish you 、Please see them with your kind and warm eyes .

Because I am sure they also have their degnity of animals created to live just like my "Rose" who had came to my small rose garden by chance.

.Thank for your reading all of that !

Sincerely Yours

Shamayim Rose Gallery

Atsuko Furukawa
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