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La ”Rose de Saphir ”à Prais et Normandei en FRANCE!
Présentation florale en roses de AFCA à Paris
Je voudrais remercier bien des mesdames et messiurs française et des pays que vous avez adresser un message de bon courage aux gens qui doivient surmonter des difficultes après le désastre, dû à un treblement de terre.

In this time I will inform you of fantastic news from Paris, and Normandy in France at the season of roses. During my staying in France in the light of countenance by Mrs. Christine Descoueyte the Madame of the former French Ambassador in Austria, of the French ministry of foreign affaires, I could have a good opportunity of presentation of preserved roses at the honorable society, AFCA at the French ministry of foreign affaires, and also, in the light of countenance by Madame Michèle Rossi i in charge of cultural rites and AFCA, it was a great pleasure for me to make my decorate of roses, participating at the honorable cocktail party. The method of preserve for natural flower was invented by French company in 1988.I sincerely would appreciate for invention of such a wonderful method by France. And also, I would greatly appreciate your generous, Mrs .Francoise Kamara, a jury at the Supreme Court of France, that I could have an occasion to decorate her salon in Paris and their second residence like a Castle in Normandy. It was my dream to decorate a castle en France.
Dans le Ministere des Affairs
The other day when I visited an actress for decorate of roses, I was very charmed by her salon where we can enjoy ourselves a nice view of Tower Eiffel, because there would be a different fantastic visage of Paris.
I appreciate the different colors of the nature in Normandy. This is probably because I could be always fine by respiring fresh air early in the morning during my staying with flowers and the nature.
--- I really had a fatastic time, spending rosy hours with a theme of France in this time. I still remember the people walking around on the street in Paris, where we can find the romatic and beautiful refined melting visage of new and old of France.
It was a great opoortunities for me to meet with Madame Christine Descouyete and her family,Madame Kamara, Madame Rossi, and many beautiful and elegant Madames and family I met in France.
---I could sincerely appreciate your generous for all of people who I met in France,I received all of your warm courage message for the people who are damaged in our recent big disaster at Tohoku in Japan.

Avec Madames et Monsieurs dans salons du Cercle National des ArméesMadame FRANCE
Des Roses de Shamayim dans les Salons du Cercle National des Armées Parc de Bagatelle Avec Madame Kamara à Paris
Avec Madame Marianne Borgo Honfleur Mémorial Parc de Caen
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