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English Rose Lunch Party at Mr.&Mrs. Kusakabe's Residence 〜La Vie en Rose〜
On one Rosy afternoon of June, I had an occasion to reconsider the natural beauty of English roses, when I was invited to "luncheon rose garden party" at the f The Kusakabe’s Residence, located in Okuike, Ashiya city.
In the beautiful garden, we could enjoy nice view of English roses that Mr.Kusakabe, lawyer, specializing in international case, plants and grows by himself without any agricultural chemicals.
On the day, Mrs.Sugako Kusakabe, cooking teacher, preparing nice dishes, gave a warm reception to every invited guest, The Consul General of U.K, Mr.& Mrs.Stuart, The Consul General of U.S.A, Mr.& Mrs.Russel, The Consul General of Netherland, Mr.& Mrs.Kop-van, The Consul General of Thailand, Mr.& Mrs.Parichard, The Consul General of Indonesia, Mr.& Mrs.Tandung, The Consul General of India, Mr.& Mrs. Prakash celebrate the beautiful English Roses.
Listening to live concert, enjoying nice view of woods surrounded by mountains, tasting gourmend lunch, smelling fragrant of English roses, I really appreciate it again for Mr.& Mrs.Kusakabe, who invited me to enjoy one moment of "La vie en Rose!".
Well, every invited guest also enjoyed "The Rose cake" that I made. Shall I make it again.
From The Residence of Consul General of United Kingdom of Houston in U.S.A
 by Yoko Lynch
Rose Messsage From Mrs.Yoko Lynch, the wife of Paul Lynch who the Consul General of United Kingdom of Houston in U.S.A

Good Afternoon!
This is Yoko Lynch. It is already nearly 10 months since we arrived in Houston. Now we are enjoying life in Houston every single day.
The other day Atuko sent me a beautiful gift of framed preserved flowers. That made our dining room much brighter and nicer. And our guests we invited for dinner or afternoon tea loved it.
We have very long humid summer ( perhaps 6months or more !)in Houston, so it is very difficult to grow delicate flowers such as roses. I think preserved flowers would have big demand here in Houston, but I don't have so many chances to see them.
So I would like to introduce Atsuko's preserved flower arrengements to the people in Houston. I am sure they will love them.
I hope all of you in Japan to have lovely summer ! and PLS have Rosy days with Atsuko'sPreserved Roses.

 from Yoko, HM Consul General of Houston in .U.S.A

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