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On 26th, January, 2011, Ninety second Inauguration Party of Republic of India by Mr. and Mrs.Vikas Swarup ,The consul general of India, Osaka-Kobe.
With Mr.and Mrs. SWARUP
On 26th, January, 2011, 62nd Republic Day was celebrated solemnly at The residence of consul general of India, Osaka-Kobe
Mr.Vikas Swarup Announced the Message of The president of India and celebrate the Republic day

With Mrs.Aparna Swarup
To Mrs.Aparna Swarup, we presented "rose arrangement with three color, Orange, White, Green of Indian Flag"
celebrating and wishing our rosy freindship the increasing influence of India and its steady economic growth that has brought prosperity to an increasing number of people. At Night, reception party was held on a grand scale at the Gust house, Tati Hiroshi Hyogo We celebrate it and enjoyed thier fatastic Indian night.


Recepution at Night

With the Consul General of Greece, Mr.and Mrs.Martiks
New Year Special Luncheon Party, ”Rose in the Year of Rabbit" and "German Rose & Music” for celebration of 150 years friendship of German-Japan at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka
rose arrangement with Rabbit-shaped vasewith Mrs. RebeKka Olbrich
On 11th January, 2011 we had a new year special luncheon party, title ”Rose in the year of rabbit” in a Chinese restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, where preserved rose arrangement with rabbit-shaped vase was introduced, and , Mrs. Rebekka Magnusdottir-Olbrich , the wife of consul general, German Osaka-Kobe gave her fantastic lecture of German rose and harp music, to celebrate 150 years friendship of German-Japan, for which many fantastic events have been scheduled starting from late of last November both in Kansai area and in Germany, and in which, If you have an interest, would you please visit the Web site of the German consulate general in Osaka-Kobe
She did introduce a gorgeous story of roses; ”In Germany flowers are used as a present when somebody has a birthday or as a gift when invited to a party. Usually flower bouquets are bought in a florist's shop and they look quite round and shod look good from every side.”, and she continued nice story of love, ”Men in love give red roses to the lady, they are in love with roses are a romantic symbol and stand for love and romance. Sometimes roses can also express gratitude for example if they are presented tone's mother on the one's mother on the mothers day”. After enjoying ourselves with her gorgeous talk, we had a fantastic lunch prepared by chef pf the hotel, and Our next special guest from India. Mrs.Swarup orchestrated the atmosphere of the toy with her mysterious and gorgeous talk of ”Red Roses of India”. Thanks to nice talks, when we started making arrangement of colorful preserved roses, lavender, white, red, light green with rabbit-shaped vase, decorated by gold-color ribbon, we could really enjoy ourselves with rosy new year of Rabbit, hoping that we would walk this year just like ”Rabbit's Foot”.
Making the Rose Arrangemnet LUNCHEON IN THE X’IANG TAO The Sppech by Mrs. Rebekka Olbrich
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