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We deliver the latest rose-colored news.
On 19th, September, 2008, “Nostalgia of soul” by ProfessoTaiji Harada and “International paintings” exhibition was hold in La Porte, in Ashiya city, sponsored by Hyogo, Social welfare society,that was established from “Cheshire home's idea”. Shamayim Rose Gallery would pleased to help this Cherity exhibition.

With Organizer, Mr.Kataoka in this Cherity exhibition 
Pro.Taiji Harada has faced the reality of his life with disabilities as his child.
His deep insight into one nostalgic scene of his hometown from a child has enabled him to paint one theme of nostalgia with the great sanguine soul among idyllic of Japan. Paintings exhibited, charmed audiences and visitors.

We have had our opportunities to support the Hyogo social Social welfare society that was established from “Leonard Cheshire 's sprit”.
It was so warm and nice Cherity exhibition. I was greatly appreciated that there.

The Cheshire home ,That foundation was established by an Englishman,Lord Leonard Cheshire ,who had provided his own house to pepole with disabilities.The Cheshire home ,which is not a rehabilitation facility ,but a "Home for Handicapped has 250 homes in 57 countries woldwide,including the United Kingdom.

“Nostalgia of soul”
by ProfessoTaiji Harada

music concert in
“Leonard cheshire home of Hanshin Home”

Summer roses Presents

Lovely Rose News from Sweden by Zanini Family of Italy
Dear Mr & Mrs.Zanini fomer the consul general of Italy in Japan sent Lovely Autunm Rose News from Sweden .
I am sincerely appreciate and happy to see a beautiful thier photos and her message

 Message from The wife of first counselor of Italy in Sweden,
                  Mrs.Giselda zanini

  Rose are the Symbol of Life and Love.
  Whenever you receive a flower in your hand,
  Love will enter your heart with the power of life .

Atsuko's Rose Arrangment in Sweden

The Birth of Venus and Red Roses

Rose party in Sweden

Pretty Little Zanini

Mr. Stefano& Mrs Giseluda Ganinin.
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