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We deliver the latest rose-colored news.
Rose Christmas Three and Rose arrangement at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka are Designed by Atsuko Furukawa

With General Maneger Mr.Mark Noikonm
For the coming Christmas, in the reception hall of The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, one enormously visible Arrangement and Cristmas tree of roses to every visitor's eye has been decorated under the general supervision of Atsuko Furukawa, president of Shamayim Rose gallery Holy Night of Christmas, one annual event at The Ritz carlton Osaka, the most prevalent stage with exquisite decoration.On the night of 16th, with the decoration going on with elaborately arranged roses around the reception and front desk, At the midnight as its exquisitely ornamented tree had commenced expressing the real pleasure of arts, "like a dream rosyland"
We greatly appreciate what everyone has suggested, supported, and decorated all of participants , exspecially The General Maneger, Mr.Mark Noikonm all Hotel's staffs, Shamyim Rose Gallery Staffs and The Universal Trading Co,ltd that provided all of roses.
RINK TO Rose Seminar

by Shmayim Staffs

by Hotel's Staffs

Finshed Rose Cristmas Three

breakfast with all staffs
Greece Rodos Island and Roses.at Rihga Royal Hotel
The Royal Club at Rihga Royal Hotel welcomed a special guest, the first lady by Cordinate of Ms.Hide Ishida
This time on 14th Nov.Consulate General of Greece Mrs.Dominique Martakis.had speech about Greece Island and Roses Atsuko Furukawa decorated Preserved Roses expecally Blue rose arrangment like a deep Aegean Sea and helped her sppech as her interpreter.
She delivered a speech on the history of Greece and talked about Roses of Greece After the lecture, members of the seminar spent an enchanting afternoon sipping tea and The room was adorned with Atsuko Furukawa's special blue roses, preserved and Rose Essence.

Rose Arrangements and Rose Essence
by Shmayim Rose Gallery
with Consul General of Greece,Mrs.Dominique Martkis her Speech about Greece
Mrs.Dominique Martkis, Mrs.Hide Ishida and Atsuko furukawa Royal Club's memebers
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