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Rose Arrangement Seminar for Saint Valentine Days on February 14 at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka.
On this occasion, Furukawa arranged a lovely rose bouquet "Rose Tea Time" for Saint Valentine's Day, fourteenth of February. Special Guest ; Gizalda Ganini, wife of Consul General of Italy, the birth place of Valentine.
Valentine’s Day was established in Italy a few centuries after the passing away of Valentine in year 496 AD and has been celebrated every year in remembrance of love.
There was a time in Rome, when lovers were forbidden to marry, Valentine had risked his life looking for ways to have couple marry secretly. He would give everything in his life, to save love. Valentine had a rose garden beside a church, He loved to watch children play in his rose garden as it was considered a place of joy and affection. He would have each child take one lovely rose back home as a gift for their mothers. His roses were said to have a special power of bringing back separated couples. Valentine became known as the saint who presented roses for couples to preserve their love eternally. St. Valentine day in Italy is a different tradition, as we know it in Japan. Not only woman, but men also shower woman with chocolates, roses and cards. The most popular gifts are red roses in particular, as they were a reminder of eternal love. Cakes, perfumes, card and fortune chocolates, which told one's fortune for love, were also trendy gifts, but as a Valentine rule, every present comes in heart shape.
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Say I Love You In Red. 1000 rose package BY The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka
1000 rose package at \1million for two in The Ritz-Carlton Suite includes Rose Gift ; Rose Essennce By Givaudan, Red Rose with 24kGold and Preserved rose by Shamyim Rose Gallery. Treat your special lady to a luxurious getaway with most romantic package with 1000 red roses and rose-themed private dinner with live piano, rose breakfast, rose bath, rose cocktail and rose-petal turndwon and so on.
that rosy night you might be like the rose princess !

上記の<千の薔薇に包まれて>の宿泊プランは3月12日のNHKニュース関西で放送されました。その時の赤い薔薇のアレンジはシャマイム ローズギャラリーが担当させていただきました。
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